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Top Trends in DC Dispensaries: Elevating Your Cannabis Experience

Ever since cannabis have been legalized, the use of these soothing products have birthed a huge trend. 

In DC, there is a very large cannabis culture and thousands regularly indulge in weed for recreational purposes while many others use these products on a daily basis to treat medical or mental health conditions.

Smoking weed is a very exciting experience and sampling different weed strains and hybrids can be quite an adventure. The different cultivars can have very different effects on the human body and it is quite fun to see what the effects of different strains might be.

It can, however, be good to step out of your comfort zone and to sample some other types of marijuana goodies. Sampling different types of products can ofer elevating results and is sure to broaden your horizons.

So what cannabis is trendy right now? In this guide we take a look at the most popular products currently sold at DC Dispensaries.

Top Cannabis Trends in DC Dispensaries

Weed-infused products will always continue to rise and fall in popularity. Some products might even disappear from the shelves completely when they are no longer in demand. If you want to sample something that is currently trendy in DC then you can look for the following products in dispensaries in Washington DC. 


A huge portion of the weed market consists of concentrates. It is estimated that 45% of the cannabis market consists of concentrates. 

This includes a vast range of product types like cannabis oils, CBD oil, THC oil, shatter, wax, live rosin, kief, hash, live resin and others.

The main reason for concentrates to be so popular is that it can be used for a great many products. Concentrates can be used in an assortment of beverages, foods, creams, lotions, vapes, cartridges, and is often used to produce medicinal products.

The concentrate market doesn’t just take up the largest portion of the cannabis industry, the sales of these types of products have greatly increased over the past few years. 

Since concentrates are trending right now, it makes perfect sense to give these products a try. 

At Kaliiva, you can buy the finest quality and most potent concentrates. This dispensary in DC houses some of the finest brands including Raw Garden, Pax, Jetty, Lime, and Stiiizy. You an also shop from a vast array of product types including live resin, live rosin, and many others. 

Vapes and Cartridges

The popularity of vapes in general have skyrocketed these past few years. Vapes are a lot more convenient compared to normal smoking because they don’t produce such an unpleasant odor, nor ash. 

These electronic cigarettes have also been infused with cannabis concentrates like THC, CBD or live rosin. When you smoke your vape, you will inahle small dosages of cannabis and enjoy all the same wonderful effects without the impurities that are normally associated with joints.

It is a lot trendier to move around with a vape or cartridge in social envieronmetns than it is to smoke an actual joint. The massive product range of these products also offer an elevated weeding experience because there are so many wonderful flavors and aromas to try.


Edibles are also trending in dispensaries in Washington DC for three main reasons. 

Firstly, it is a lot of fun to taste and try different types of edibles. Gummies, chocolate bars, mints, and cookies are very tasty to munch on and it can be fun to try different flavors or share with friends.

Secondly, users love the enhanced cannabis experience. When you indulge in edibles, it might take a little bit longer for the powerful effects to fully kick in. However, unlike normal joints, the effects tend to last a lot longer. The result is a magical journey that continues well beyond the usual weeding duration. 

Finally, users enjoy edibles because they can get their dose of THC much more discreetly. No one will ever know that the gummies or chocolate bar that you are munching on is THC infused. This is an ideal solution for getting your needed treatments while you are out in public. And because the results tend to last longer, you will be able to cope on a single dose for much longer.

Since edibles are trending right now, you definitely want to add a couple of these tasty products to your shopping chart when you visit dispensaries in DC. 

At Kaliiva, you will find the widest range of edibles in Washington which means you will be able to enjoy an elevative experience every time you visit this dispensary. 

Cannbabis Beverages

Cannabis beverages have also greatly increased in popularity since 2021. The sale of THC-infused drinks have risen 23% between 2020 and 2021 and is still gaining popularity.

The reason why so many cannabis enthusiasts have started enjoying THC drinks is because it doesn’t expose your lungs to as many toxins.

Cannabis drinks are also trending because they are great for quenching your thirst and can give you a huge boost in energy, especially if they are infused with an optimizing THC strain.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

Some fear magic mushrooms while others welcome these products with open arms. Shrooms are trending in DC at the moment and are certainly worth a shot if you want a different and more exhilirating experience.

Mushrooms are popular among DC residents because, while weed tends to have a soothing or couch-locking effect, shrooms can give you a huge mental boost. Some shroom varieties are known to boost your cognitive functioning and can help you focus much better on work. 

This is an ultimate treat to enjoy if you have a tough time getting out of bed or need a boost so you can get more done. 

The Final Puff

With so many trending cannabis products, there is no way your weed journey will ever be boring. If you want to perk up your cannabis experiences then we welcome you to give some of the products at Kalliiva a try.

With this Washington DC dispensary, there is always something new and wonderful to sample and you are bound to enjoy an elevated experience every time you indulge in these delectable products.

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