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Top 10 Cannabis Edible Treats You Must Try in 2024

Cannabis Edibles

When you are looking for effective relief or powerful soothing results but don’t want to puff on a joint or vape then edibles are the best alternative.

Edibles are sweet treats that contain low dosages of cannabis concentrates. The concentrates added to cannabis edibles can have the same powerful effects as traditional smoking, it only takes a little bit longer for the full effects to kick in but these effects can also linger for longer.

These products are also easy to acquire since every premium dispensary in Washington DC houses an assortment of this type of canna goodie to choose from. Let’s explore some of the trendiest canna treats to go and taste right now.

The 10 Finest Cannabis Edibles To Try in 2024

Cannabis developers are constantly launching new and exciting product types and usage methods. Edibles will, however, always be some of the most popular product types. These types of canna goodies offer so much convenience since it is so easy – and tasty – to bite into a them.

There are many different edible types to sample and taste but it is always best to start with the finest. Here is a lineup of the 10 tastiest canna bites to give a try when you have a yearning for relief.

Live Resin Syrup by Lime Cannabis

Lime cannabis has a line of live resin syrups that are extremely convenient to use. Each bottle of syrup contains an astronomical dose of 1000 mg THC. This huge dose isn’t an option for any sane canna enthusiast. Luckily, you can easily proportion your doses by measuring out calculated servings. Each 1.2ml of syrup will give you exactly 10mg of THC – a perfect light dose to provide relief without overwhelming your senses.

This divine syrup is available in a variety of tasty flavors like apple, watermelon, and pineapple which are all terrific for flavoring other foods.

Live Resin Gummies by Bursts

The tasty treats made by Bursts will burst into flavors like tropical twist, sour blue razz, sour grape, or white peach when you pop them into your mouth. Not only are these canna treats tasty, they are also very convenient to use since you can easily munch on the gummy while you are on the go. You can also easily tailor your dosage to suit your needs because each candy bit contains precise amounts of THC. These live rosin treats do tend to hit faster compared to other consumables and are ideal when you need effective relief fast.

Almond Bites by Kiva Terra

The only treat that tastes better than almonds coated in chocolate is nuts coated in cannabis-rich chocolate. Kiva Terra’s almond bites are a real treat and a perfect option if you are looking for low-manageable dosages. Each can of almonds contains 20 almond bites and each of these bites contains only 5mg THC and 5mg CBD. You can, of course, increase your dose by munching on more than one candy-coated treat.

WYLD Gummies

Gummies are usually favorites on any weed menu because it feels so good to bite into a chewy strawberry-flavored treat. WYLD is an especially popular gummy brand. This is because these treats are carefully packaged in stylishly designed boxes. The crafty packaging makes this sweet canna treat an ideal gifting solution for your fellow cannabis lover.

Gummies by Camino

Camino is another good brand to give a shot at when you visit a cannabis dispensary in Washington DC. Camino chewy treats are available in a wide range of delicious fruity and mixed fruit flavors. Each tin of Camino gummies contains 20 candy bites and each bite is perfectly proportioned with 5mg THC. This low dose is ideal for chronic users or for those who prefer low dosages in general.

Live Rosin Gummies by Don Perico

Don Perico’s live rosin gummies can be a perfect option if you want something a little bit more potent. These gummies have a 10mg THC potency level and each pack contains 10 candy bits. The Don Perico brand does have a couple of different flavors and these sweet treats are ideal for physically relaxing your body and calming your mind.

Smokies Live Resin Fruit Chews

Smokies are another must-try when you go on a tasting adventure. These fruit chews are very scrumptious with their rich fruity flavor. The fruit bits are perfect for low dosing since each piece only contains a small amount of THC (5mg). This is a pretty safe product for most to consume since it is gluten-free and vegan. Smokies do have a few flavors which include sour guava, sour passion fruit, sour watermelon, and sour mango. All of these flavors are divine and are certainly worth sampling.

Gummies by Big Chief

It should be no surprise that most of the canna edible treats we have listed consist of gummies. Everyone loves to bite into a fruity bite because the chewy treats allow you to savor the rich flavor for much longer.

The Big Chief edible brand is another big cannabis brand on the market and their classic gummies should be on your cannabis bucket list. These tasty classic treats have a potency level of 100mg per jelly drop and can be comfortably enjoyed no matter where you go.

Blast Zombi Punch

Blast Zombi punch is from Lehua brands and it is a terrific live resin syrup to drink when you need a powerful shot. This small 60 ml bottle syrup has a 100mg potency level. Experienced cannabis enthusiasts can down the bottle for a couch-locking effect or you can easily measure out smaller doses that will leave you calm yet refreshed.

Root Beer Tincture

If you prefer a concentrate that you can mix in with other beverages or fruits then we recommend the tincture by Root Beer. This bottle of concentrated tincture has a total potency strength of 1000 mg. It does, however, come with a convenient little dropper that allows you to perfectly manage your dose. You can administer a couple of drops into your beverage or snacks and get the exact dosage level you need.

The Final Taste

Cannabis edibles are the best alternative to smoking and can bring a lot of joy because they are just as effective. If you are looking for the finest edibles in DC then it is time to visit Kaviiland. At this legal dispensary, you can have your fill of a wide range of cannabis bites in many different flavors. Our dispensary goodies are perfect for self-pampering sessions or can be wonderful gifting solutions.

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