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Binske mini Pre-rolls Purple Panda 7pk



Total THC



Looking for a bigger hit? We infused our mini pre-rolls with our solventless live rosin hash. The same high-quality cannabis, featuring our award-winning genetics, is now paired with our solventless hash for even tastier and stronger hits. With 7 mini joints at 0.5g each, our infused mini pre-rolls are a huge hit.

Purple Panda is a potent cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mints GSC. This is the perfect hybrid for a full-bodied and stimulating high. The effects of this hard-hitting hybrid come on immediately after the first toke, filling your mind with creativity and euphoria, before rushing down your body with a buzzy sensation and deep relaxation. Purple panda not only has a punchy high, but the bud has a sweet and sour fruitiness with a zing of mint upon exhale.


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