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At Kaliiva, our cannabis is of very high quality. All our products undergo independent testing. All come from suppliers who share this vision. The very best sources. The most in-demand products of all. The most popular marijuana products in Washington D.C.

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We are Kaliiva. Washington D.C.’s premium cannabis dispensary. Our roots go way back. Back to our early days on the West Coast. We bring comprehensive experience to the local cannabis industry, igniting its passion for fine weed. With over a decade of industry expertise, we offer credibility. Reliability. Honesty. Transparency. Reviews speak for themselves. We come highly recommended.

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" Kaliiva is my go-to cannabis dispensary. I treat a medical condition, and you will not find better weed anywhere. "

- Chris

" If you need weed in Washington D.C., then go straight to Kaliiva. Best advice I have. You would be doing yourself a favor. "

- Michelle

" I only use Kaliiva these days. Best weed, fastest delivery, friendliest service in Washington D.C. No need for more. "

- Andrew

"When I am sick, I get Kaliiva to send good weed. No other dispensary offers comparable quality for medical use."

- Natalie

"Once I found Kaliiva, there was no going back. I don’t go anywhere else anymore. These buds are always best."

- Bradley